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Trip of a Lifetime Miss Elizabeth Anne Johnston

Trip of a Lifetime

Miss Elizabeth Anne Johnston

Published July 3rd 2013
ISBN : 9781490900384
136 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

TRIP OF A LIFETIME A young Mayan woman living in Palenque in 812AD iis trying to find out the truth about her mothers execution for the alleged murder of her mothers friends son. Following rumours in Palenque, Mai finds out that both her mother and her friend also had an affair with the attorney of Palenque who ordered her mothers execution. Her neighbour, Hanab who also holds the answers to what happened with her mother has put himself forward as a sacrifice in Tikal. Mais mothers friend has since moved to Flores, so she lies to the attorney and asks for help explaining that she would like to travel to Flores to make peace with her. The attorney puts on a facade of believing her and provides her with an escort and tries to arrange their demise on the way. Not surprisingly, she comes across several obstacles before and during her journey. Mai also hasnt yet told her escort that she would like to travel further than Flores. Whilst this story is being told, so is another one, set in the same place but in 2006AD. A small coach party is touring from Mexico City to Tikal and travelling the same places in order that Mai is travelling. Unbeknown to the other travellers on the coach, one of the party is a god whos taken human form and made himself look a convincing travel companion. He is known to others on the coach as Ramiro. His motive is to stop Mai intervening in the sacrifice of Hanab. He is on the coach because if he doesnt succeed, he will have to substitute one of the coach party for Hanab. Slowly, it becomes clear to some of the other tourists that Ramiro is not all that he seems.