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The Slithy Toves - 2014 ABNA Entry Ryan Scoville

The Slithy Toves - 2014 ABNA Entry

Ryan Scoville

Kindle Edition
13 pages
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 About the Book 

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Entry - this eBook is a sample of the first 3,000-5,000 words- it is not the full book. The ABNA contest is operated on Amazon.com only. Visit this entry on Amazon.com to leave customer feedback. To vote for the Grand Prize winner starting July 8, visit www.amazon.com/ABNA.Decades after three children are abducted from a rural Ohio town and held captive in the woods, three more children disappear under similar circumstances. Though the abductor in the previous case was killed, Detective Terry Kruthers must deal with local speculation that the two crimes are intrinsically linked. Terry wants to treat this like his typical small town case, but the media puts him into the national spotlight and he is forced to chase an old rumor that two kidnappers committed the original abduction and the survivor is now seeking revenge. Terry’s gut says this is the work of a copycat criminal, but he must reevaluate his suspicions when he receives riddles mailed directly from the children’s abductor. Each package contains a cryptic message along with a horrifying link to the thirty-year-old case. As the media guesses who committed these unspeakable acts, Terry struggles to answer the more profound question. Why? The Slithy Toves is an 88,000 word literary thriller by Ryan Scoville.