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Surviving the Research Process in Politics Peter Burnham

Surviving the Research Process in Politics

Peter Burnham

Published April 1st 1998
ISBN : 9781855674462
224 pages
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 About the Book 

In the last ten years there has been significant expansion of postgraduate education in the social sciences. A proliferation of new taught MA courses and substantial growth in the number of new research students have led to a renewed interest in the research process and the teaching of research methods. A number of existing methodology texts present a sanitized and idealized image of research which is both misleading and remains silent on many of the crucial issues facing postgraduates - issues to do with the research process rather than the development of competence in specific techniques.This edited volume seeks to remedy some of these deficiencies and to contribute to the emerging literature on the analysis of postgraduate education and training in the social sciences. It aims to do this by breaking new ground in the field of Politics and International Studies (PALS). It is the first book oriented specifically to postgraduates in the discipline focusing on themes, issues and methods in research training. The selection of new issues (progress through the years, teaching assistants, publications, jobs) plus a focus on approaches which conventionally receive little attention (metatheory, comparative analysis, archives, information technology) increases luther the distinctiveness and appeal of the book, making it an invaluable source and guide book for post graduate students.